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LE BohemianMuse

LE BohemianMuse is a first-generation Ghanaian-American artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a storyteller, she uses abstract painting, writing, performing, and filmmaking to weave narratives. Through this persona, she revitalizes the influence that art has on life and society, using the creative force as a mirror to the joys and faults of humanity. 


The digital showcase, "Renegade Renaissance," will be presenting LE's newest art series, "Rebel." Rebel is an experimental series where LE goes against her creative instinct. "Within this challenge, I have pushed myself to move past my old habits of creation and have evolved a new approach towards my abstract paintings."

"Art means everything to me," LE continues, "it is everywhere. It's a venue of creation; we are beautiful examples of art just walking around. It showcases our beauties and our faults, it provides us with an option to go to when we are in pain, and it can glorify our greatest moment. I draw inspiration from other elements of artistry (music, poetry, paintings, etc.), and through my observation of watching humanity and based on what I feel, I create something from that."

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