The stories we are told and the ways that they affect us are more complex than we often realize. Through layered processes of de/reconstruction of found and manipulated imagery and objects, I construct new, strange systems for understanding and relating to the familiar. By reconfiguring tropes of the Science Fiction genre, where the present is mediated by an imagined, distant realm, this body of work seeks to render the certainty of time, space, and truth up for discussion by positioning the viewer as a visitor to alternative scopes of reality.


My practice examines what I describe as the phenomenon of “Gendered Machines.” Via intensive research processes, drawing from studies of media theory and intersectional feminisms, I scrutinize and engage with the cultural and spiritual relationships that are attached to the mechanical. What I find typically imposed is a polarizing codification, through which things are understood to be objects of either service or of domination. This oversimplification is what my work seeks to complicate, by offering disruptive modes of gender representation that generate visions of possibility.

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