In my paintings, I am merging the rational reduction of the line with the intuitive coloring and topographical texturing of the picture plane to reveal a physical palimpsest of painterly experience, where personal history can access the invisible pulse of the collective, metaphysical realm.  I seek engagement with those perceptual fields through abstraction, requesting access into its spiritual and philosophical past. My visual bibliography of mark-making, line-drawing, geometric interacting, surfacing and color-grading keys my work to addresses the existential questions: where does our deepest intuition reside within us?  How does the inheritance and stewardship of generational trauma keep our primal instincts beyond our access? How can we delineate our boundaries to create the space to engage that inherent wisdom and thus intonate our lives with a greater sense of self-worth?

My large-scale acrylic geometric abstractions on paper, carry a time-signature that marks the beats of childbirth, sexual congress, and death.  My large-scale graphite works on paper and panel hold modulating 3-dimensional shapes, crystalized out of the linear repetition to signify how the physical and emotional distance we travel changes us.  My newest group of work, The Whisper Paintings, have grounds of eclipsed blues, bruised purples, and chromatic blacks revealing a glowing gesture of gilded 23K gold, whispering an intimate, psychic message of self-reflection, self-actualization, and change to come.

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