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Phoenix Bubbles (Print)

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Harumo Sato

Phoenix Bubbles, 
Artist Print
13 x 19 in

Signed, titled & dated on front


My latest series "Puku Puku Bubbles" encourages viewers to embrace each moment and every day in order to live with passion and peace. As a Japanese daughter of Ancient Greek and Phoenicia origins, I grew up amongst two different culturesMediterranean and Japanese. This series is inspired by their regional depictions of the Phoenician goddess Tanit and Japanese Dogu (meaning earthen figurines). I admire these simplistic figures for their whimsical ambiance. I believe dynamism is the key to harmony and embraced this concept in my paintings by utilizing both water-based Sumi ink and oil-based pastels on on canvas.

Phoenix is based on Kenko Yoshida's idea that 'when you wake up, you are born. When you go to bed, you die. Each day is precious and different like a bubble in the water current.' The bubbles depicted in this painting obtain a new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. This work embraces the preciousness of our daily lives.