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Harumo Sato

Talk to Me, 2016
Sumi Ink & Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 30 x 1 in

Signed on Back

Talk to Me

  • Talk to Me is inspired by the passage from “Demian” by Hermann Hesse that tells the story of a bird who fights its way out of an egg (a metaphor for the world). Whoever will be born must destroy a world. This work serves as a symbol of our innate childlike nature that is afraid to get into the 'adult world,' although in this depiction there is a friendly snake spirit supporting the bird along the way.

  • Harumo Sato is a California-based artist from Tokyo Japan, whose practice includes painting, printmaking, and illustration. In 2013, she relocated to Buffalo, NY to study fine art. While attending the University at Buffalo, Harumo was awarded three scholarships related to painting and illustration.


    Harumo’s career as an artist follows the history of a peculiar illness. Seven years ago, her dominant hand became suddenly paralyzed. It was during her rehabilitation period that Harumo fostered her appreciation and passion for art. For the next four years, Harumo copied the work of established artists' work as a form of physical therapy to overcome her illness.


    Harumo strives to maintain a peace of mind amongst a highly-industrialized environment through her practice of creation. From her experience, she believes art is one of the best solutions to combat seemingly contagious negative thoughts and emotions. Through her vibrant and playful works, Harumo seeks to spark viewers’ imagination and lust for life!