I have always been compelled to create work that is autobiographical in nature, and the source material of my art is often harvested directly from the memories of my past. I am intrigued and fascinated by the individual's pursuit of introspection and self-awareness. Specifically, I'm interested in identity, and the role that memory plays in how we construct our views of self and of the world. By directing the lens of creative inquiry inwards, I hope to reveal truths and ask questions about the human experience - personal as well as universal. 

Life is filled with contrasting events, emotions, and thoughts packed one right after the other. Moreover, In jarring and unpredictable arrangements, and I reflect and investigate this dynamic and contradictory quality of like in my work, by knitting together both desperate and harmonic visual components. My recent works are autobiographical narrative pieces that incorporate personal symbolism, archetypal imagery, and justaposition of figuration and abstraction to explore the fundamental truths of the human condition. 

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