I write poems about how time affect people differently in daily life with no limitations to the medium. I wish to use words but words sometimes lead to misunderstandings. My work is a continuous study of color and language. With forms and mediums, colors bring out a sense of time and space within and beyond the time and space that we are experiencing in the reality. Language creates an entrance to the work. Color and language together travel me from known to unknown, through consciousness to unconsciousness; reveal that beyond the meaning that we engraved on the reality we settled, there is a whole new world beyond an effect of an image.


Time is an important part of my work. Painting looks different every day; each layer of prints takes time to be ready to be printed; Video needs samples to be edited together, and neon light needs fire to shape the glass tubes and gas and electricity to color and light up the tubes. Time changes things and those changes themselves are poetic. I started everything from life and it turns into poem. Every poem started with the colors.

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