Ever since LE BohemianMuse was a child, she has been enraptured by art. Born in the historical-artistic city of San Francisco, she started creating art when she was a little girl; her clearest memory was she was 6 years old. As a 2nd-grade class assignment, she was instructed to create a little storybook in her class, and illustrate it. So began the creative spark, LE began exploring with the ideas of creating new worlds through storytelling and did, with ease, finding ways to incorporate her stories into alternative mediums of art (Writing, Theatre, and Abstract Painting). Through her education at LMU (Loyola Marymount University), she learned about the different facets of art and majored in Theater and Studio Art. A year later she auditioned and was accepted to the British American Drama Academy (BADA) in Oxford, England, where she continued to study various theatrical art forms. 


Fast forward years later, LE has presented her paintings in various art shows (RAW: natural born artists, Chocolate and Art, Pancakes and Booze and more) in different U.S. cities including Los Angeles. Recently she was one of the featured artists in ENDEE Magazine “Fresh Faces “ June 2011 issue. 


“Art means everything to me,” says LE, “it is everywhere. It’s a venue of creation; we are beautiful examples of art just walking around. It showcases our beauties and our faults, it provides us with an option to go to when we are in pain, and it can glorify our greatest moment. I draw inspiration from other elements of artistry (music, poetry, paintings, etc.) and through my observation of watching humanity and based on what I feel, I create something from that.” 

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