Although illustrating for children has always been a passion in my work, after 10 years in the commercial world, I wanted to explore more personal art. Not highly skilled or even good-looking art, but art based on feelings, like when I first drew or painted. As a child, I always had a big smile when painting, and I believe we all still have a beautiful child's heart inside of us, even if we are grownups. I do not necessarily paint for or about children, but for the child in all of us. When people look at my work and I see their eyes shining like a child's, that makes me very happy.


Because there are already too many negative things in the world, being the artist that I am, I want  to create positive energy in my work. I do not avoid reality but believe  imagination can help us heal. So even though realism shows up from time to time, most of my work is figurative and narrative--in that I love to tell stories. I filter all of the things that are going through my head--nature, politics, love, war, sprituality, peace--and they all come out through my brush in a story. And it's even better if the story you see is different than the one in my head; we are creating together.

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