In many cultures, butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Butterflies are associated with our souls; some religions sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection while others view them as representing endurance, change, and hope.

Sicerra received her first butterfly as a gift from a fellow artist and was challenged to incorporate it into her work. Sparked by the gift, Sicerra studied how to handle these delicate creatures: from the re-hydration process, to the pinning and drying, to the arrangement. Through much trial and error, her first Still//Life was completed. Since then, she has worked with numerous sanctuaries from all around the world to ethically source her specimens. She seeks out sanctuaries that allow the butterflies to live out their natural lives and when they pass, they are collected and packaged to be shipped to her Oakland studio and ready to begin the process of becoming art.

Her stencils are inspired by the women passed on the street with a mix of her own imagination. Each work is artfully arranged to display the butterfly’s brilliance and unique coloring. Then, by painting the stenciled woman on the underside of the glass, the completed piece is meant to symbolize the beauty within each of us.

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