Collin Pollard is a visual artist currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work is heavily focused on emphasizing the colors, compositions, lines, shapes and textures of our everyday surroundings. These unique landscapes are reflective of his personal way of processing our fast paced and ever changing world. He breaks down contemporary landscapes, isolating individual forms and colors, to change their intended purpose. Finding his inspiration from our immediate surroundings, he sets out to highlight the colors and shapes that already exist; challenging the viewer to re-define their meaning of beautiful. These works are not only exercises in composition, but are also studies in color and texture; in particularly, how they interact with one another. Using crisp lines, his work creates a unique narrative between the viewer and our world. It is not what you see, but how you, as a person, choose to see it. He creates new contexts for these average spaces to thrive in. Most of the photographs he sets out to create are intended to find the meaningful moments out of the seemingly disposable.

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