Tina Nealis

Artist Website

I was born and raised in SoCal, graduated from ASU (Go Devils!) with a degree in Interior Design and currently reside in the SF Bay Area with my husband, our awesome 9 year old son, and our lovable Labradoodle pup. I am an interior designer and strategic planner by trade and a wildly passionate artist. I have always enjoyed doing creative things - collecting stickers and other odds and ends, painting, collaging, drawing, quilting, sewing, photography, etc., but didn't seriously practice art daily until about 4 years ago.

My son, the ocean, clouds, museums, street art, ordinary everyday objects, teaching children inspires me. My favorite medium is anything I can get my hands on, but lately it has been acryla-gouache, watercolor, soft pastel, and paper collage.

I create because I can be my most authentic self. It wasn't always this way because I spent a huge amount of my life creating things that I thought others would like, but in my most recent years I've learned to push that all aside and create solely for the purpose of making myself happy. And when the results make others happy too, that's a complete win-win. 
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