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Art gallery and event space located in the heart of San Francisco! A bi-level, open floor-plan (large main level with smaller upper level separated by 2 steps), approximate 9ft ceiling, concrete floors, toilet, kitchenette, and gated foyer. Natural light provided by three large windows and dimmable track lighting. The space is approximately 1,600 sq ft and can comfortably host 125 people, with assorted seating for 45-50 people.




Ideal for pop up events, corporate meetings, conferences, photo/film shoots, private events, theater rehearsals, and parties. Wi-Fi, in-house stereo system with 12 ceiling-mounted speakers and 3 ceiling-mounted subwoofers for adjusting concurrent volumes for the gallery and office spaces. Venue is conveniently located in the historic heart of the Castro District and easily accessible by public transit: 3-min walk from Castro Muni station with connect to BART and Caltrain, F line streetcar just steps away.




6 6ft-long wooden benches that can seat up to 5 people, 30 18in stools, 6 24in stools, and an 8ft plush bench.




6 rollable carts that can be used as cocktail tables, 2 6ft fold-out tables, and a large portfolio table.




Dishwasher, ice machine, refrigerator, sink, electric kettle, and portable cooler that holds around 5 cases of beer.


Additional Information


Bookings require a 4 hour minimum. All rental start/end times are inclusive of setup and cleanup time. Renters responsibilities include bagging all accumulated trash and returning furniture to original position. You are responsible for any damages inflicted on this space or art installations by you or your guests. We only work with individuals and organizations/businesses who are respectful of our gallery and the artwork within.

Event Rental 4 Hour Minimum* 


Feel free to contact us at info@artattacksf.com

if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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