Welcome New Artist: Nash Bellows!

By Ashley L. Voss

Welcome New Artist: Nash Bellows!

Where do you find inspiration for your vibrant color palette?
I have always considered my color palettes to be entirely intuitive. I think my taste in color originated from my childhood—growing up watching 1990s cartoons under a big quilt or running around at the beach with tourists in neon patterned bikinis!

Untitled (Polydactylwhirl) incorporates additional textural elements - textured drips, attached decorative circles, and thick paint. Can you tell us more about this work?
Making Untitled (Polydactylwhirl) is probably the most fun I have ever had painting! I would come back to it in-between paint drying on other pieces. I didn’t care what it looked like—I’d test different ways of using paint each time. I’m currently working on making pieces with these elements, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more soon!

What is an average day like in the studio for you?
I’m usually listening to music and drinking coffee while working on a couple pieces at once. I’m usually sitting on the floor in a circle of canvases flat to the ground, turning from one to another! 

What is the most indispensable item in your studio?
It’s hard to limit it to one...probably a tarp! I’m constantly spray painting, pouring paint, and watering down areas, so it’s essential to keep the space clean. But I also use a lot of various tools for texture—my favorites include pieces for cake decorating and paint scraping tools!


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