In the Studio with Dilcia Giron

By Ashley L. Voss

In the Studio with Dilcia Giron

Art Attack SF speaks with Dilcia Giron about the works included in "What Moves You," a duo exhibition with David L. Hughes on view through March 29th. View the selected work here!

Your work featured in our current exhibition "What Moves You" is a series of geometric paintings on gestural backgrounds. Is there a specific idea that inspired these works?
I wouldn’t say one specific idea, but many ideas - all working at the same time. I’ve been working in San Francisco’s Financial District for more than a decade, and every day  I walk through a landscape of high rise buildings and other architectural structures. I started to photograph the fractal patterns of the structured environment and its coexistence with the chaotic forces of nature. I found new geometric and irregular patterns generating from the sunlight and its interface with the city. My intention when paintings, is not only to capture the special urban structure, but also capture the chaotic energy that burst out right from the middle of the organized environment.

In addition to painting with acrylic on canvas and wood panels, you work with collage and photography. Is there a medium and style you enjoy working with the most?
I was trying to think of one specific medium- but after a lot of thinking, I concluded that what I really, really enjoy is just creating and making art! Constantly! With any medium, any style and  anywhere I am. 

Who are your biggest influences?
Salvador Dali, Sean Scully, Picasso, Joan Mitchell, Gerhard Richter, Kandinsky to name a few. 

What is an average day like in the studio for you? 
I am usually working in a few things at the same time. I usually have a canvas in my easel – and on my drafting table, I usually have all the cut outs and magazines I use for my collages. I jump from one thing to the other. I like it this way because it allows me to detach from the work, and be more spontaneous and pure with my process. 

What is the most indispensable item in your studio?
Me! I need to be there... I don't mean physically, but fully aware and present in the moment. If I am not there, nothing happens.

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  • DIlcia lives and breathes art and it pourS from her almost effortlessly. I find her creativE energy to be contagious and absorb All its Inspiring elements through every mediUm she explores.

    Dianne HOFFMAN on

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