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About the artist of FEM Art Show

The second stop of the FEM Art Show opens up on Friday 6/24, and will be up through the weekend.  FEM Art Show is a collection of works by three artists—Deanna Marsigliese, Eliza Ivanova, and Zaruhi Galstyan—who took on the challenge of illustrating the inspirational women of their lives, both past and present. This could mean family members, strangers on the road, cultural muses, and people who somehow resonated with the artist for good or for bad. Their work could not be more different—in terms of medium, color scheme, line, composition—but it fits beautifully together. Swing by and see each of their stories for your self. 

Learn about the artists here: 

Deanna is a Pixar Character Designer and trained 2D Animator.  Her latest credits Include Inside Out and the Good Dinosaur.  She has over 12 years design experience, contirbuting to various commercial, television, and feature film projects for Laika, Sony, Nickelodeon, Unviersal Pictures, ReelFX and Disney TV, while simultaously teaching classical animation courses at college level.  Deanna is currently desiging away on upcoming Pixar feature film projects.

Want to know more about Dee and see more of her art? Check out her social media sites:

Eliza was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was classically trianed as a fine artist since the age of twelve. At seventeen, Eliza moved to Los Angeles to pursue an animation education at CalArts; she wanted to be involved in film as well as to continue drawing, which are her biggest artistic passions. Eliza was invited to do an internship at Pixar and has been an animator there since graduating in 2010. She has made award-winning short films and has a new on in development. 

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Zaruhi Galstyan is a Character Designer at Pixar Animation Studios. Her family moved to California from Armenia when she was 6 years old. She graduated from the Character Animation program at CalArts in 2009 and started her career at Pixar Animation Studios as an Art Intern on Toy Story 3. She has been working at Pixar for the past five years, mainly on an upcoming feature. Her Armenian roots have been the subject for her latest personal artwork and something she hopes to continue to explore.

Want to know more about Zar and see more of her art? Check out her social media sites:

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