• Featured Artist: Carlo Fantin

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Art Attack SF, an art gallery founded in 2012, celebrates the character and artistic expression of San Francisco. We proudly feature a variety of works from the hands and hearts of Bay Area artists. Our unique collection of local artwork includes paintings, sculptures, and everything in between; each with its own aesthetic and message.

We work to engage and inspire talented artists, our local community, and our guests. We strive to create an inviting environment where artists can connect with the community, and vice versa.

Our first gallery was located at 2722A Hyde Street and closed in September of 2016, we are making the move to Market Street and will be open for business this winter! We are moving in soon and would love the local's input, as we strongly believe in showing work for locals by locals. If you have some time, and would like to share some info about what you would like to see at the new location, click here

See you in the Castro!